The Incredible Hulk GameCube Preview

The Incredible Hulk GameCube Preview

Don’t try to act mature, we all know you like to smash stuff. We’re all aware that you love tearing cars to shreds; that you like to cause wide, open cracks in the middle of the road. We even know that you like to reduce buildings to ash with a single punch. Well, we’ve got a confession to make: we do, too. And obviously, Radical Games knows this, as they’re giving you the power of a towering man-beast in, what else, The Incredible Hulk.

Some of you may recall back to 2003’s mediocre “Hulk” by the mention of this title. Keep in mind, that although Incredible is being done by the same people, it’ll be a totally different game. The first thing you’ll notice is the drastically different art style. While the 2003 game utilized for a dependant, cel-shaded engine, this new iteration opts for a more realistic tone. This is an excellent idea, as I’ve never seen the big green brute look this good. Environments are equally impressive, providing excellent shadow effects, brilliant lighting, and superior tone. Thankfully, the changes don’t end there.

The biggest, and arguably most daring, a mechanic will be the gameplay. Unlike the previous game, Incredible will not feature any lame stealth levels, leaving you with the raw and awesome power of the Hulk. What will you be doing with these abilities? Having the time of your life ripping the city to shreds, of course. That’s right; the big draw of this title will be an open-ended, GTA-esque experience of destroying everything in your path. This promises to be a real treat, as the Hulk has never been truly allowed to flex his robust muscles in a game. And trust me, he will, as the world in which you’ll be exploring is huge, encompassing entire cities.

There’s more to this prize pony, though, as how much damage you case, how fast you’re able to do it, and even the style in which you do it will go towards points, allowing you to unlock even more skills, promising for an unprecedented play experience.

Afraid it’ll be all brawn and no brains? Think again, as Incredible will be taking notes from its comic brethren, revealing its compelling story through multiple cutscenes placed throughout the game. From what’s been revealed, it seems Banner will try to rid himself of the Hulk once and for all (again…) through hypnosis. However, it becomes difficult since he’s being pursued by General Ross, his eternal foe. Surprisingly, though, Ross won’t be the main villain. That role will be taken by another military man: Emil Blonsky. As luck would have it, Blonsky is exposed to radioactive chemicals and transforms into what could be the biggest Hulk antagonist yet: The Abomination. With a tale penned by famous comic writer Paul Jenkins (known best for his exemplary Wolverine: Origins series), you can be sure this plot is going to be an enjoyable one.

But what would this be without the crushing, blood-pumping sound effects we all imagine while reading the comics? Always thinking outside the box, Radical Games has actually crushed and destroyed dozens of cars and other structures, adding to the realism of the game. Voice-overs and in-game music is still in progress, but I have faith that they’ll be just as impressive as the other features of Incredible.

Although this one’s a long way down the road (Summer 2005) you should definitely keep an eye out for it. It may not be a ground-breaking title, one that sets the bar for all action games to follow, but it will be fun. And isn’t that what gaming’s all about?

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