Feel the Magic: XY/XX Nintendo DS Preview

Feel the Magic: XY/XX Nintendo DS Preview

What happens when you put Sega’s Sonic Team in the same room with Nintendo’s next portable system? Another chaos garden simulator? Nope, its Feel the Magic: XY/XX and it might just be the DS’s first sleeper hit.

Feel the magic is more than a little quirky, I mean the main objective in the game is to keep the apple of your eye pleased, by any means necessary. In order to do this, you enlist the help of a group of long-eared celebrities, known as the “Rub Bunnies” and to really impress your dream girl, you find yourself undertaking a series of wacky challenges. As you’ve probably already noticed this game’s storyline could have been written by chimps with learning disorders, but if you’re like me and enjoy games like Katamari Damacy or Mister Mosquito, I’m sure you’ve already accepted the fact that games don’t have to make sense to be fun.

Let’s be real about this, Feel the Magic isn’t for everyone and I’m sure Super Mario 64 DS and Metroid Prime: Hunters will far outsell it, but in my opinion, FTM is far more innovative then those two put together. Now don’t get me wrong I love Mario and Samus and I’m sure I’ll be picking their new titles up just as fast as everyone else. The only thing that puts FTM a level above them is that everything about it screams originality. From its unique IPodish commercial graphics to the vast spectrum of Wario Ware-like (touch screen) mini-games, FTM is sure to please those looking for something a little less mainstream.

The mini-games are nothing if not wide-ranging, One challenge may have you picking scorpions off of your girl with the stylus while trying your best not to touch her (cause she’ll get pretty mad), whereas another will have you testing your candle blowing skills, via the DS’s built-in microphone. Be sure to be careful though, if you blow too hard at your mic your avatar will get light headed and pass out before he extinguishes all the candles. There is even the occasional boss battle; the first one consists of bulls charging at you and your only hope of stopping them is by tapping their on-screen position before they reach you.

The biggest concern I have about FTM is its length and difficulty, the aforementioned challenges seem pretty easy and very short. It’s still unknown exactly how many challenges will be in the final build, but unless we are looking at about 50 mini-games and a substantial rise in difficulty, FTM may end up being at the least a short but sweet experience.

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